Florida Panther 2020 Concept Alt Uniforms. Used the Alternate Logo and modified the colors to darker tones.



Completed the Hershey Bears (AHL) Concept. Mix new and vintage elements.
The Bears are the Capitals AHL affiliate team.
Note: The number 12 and name Upton is after the Captain for the Chief's in Slap Shot. Johnny Upton.



 Ultrasabers Bellicose with mods.

- Battle damage and weathering
- Prizm Soundboard
- Externally wired aux button for aesthetics
- Updated pommel


Sith Saber Redux 

Updated Emitter, Pommel and weathering.



Spare parts Sith saber with Petite Crouton 3.5 soundcard from Plector labs.


Ultrasabers/MHS hilt inspired by The Old Republic hilts. RGB LED Orange with FOC (white) and a Petite Crouton 3.5 soundcard.


Star Wars Original Trilogy Style X-Wing Helmet

Inspired by Snap Wexley

Helmet Kit and Decals by DH-P/FX, paint and weathering completed by me.

Hasbro Black Series Helmet (Repaint and weathering completed by me)

X-Wing Standard Pilot/Dak Ralter

Vinyl Decals by DH-P/FX


Star Wars Clone Trooper Phase 1 helmet prop.

Original casting done by SamoilovART

Visor install, mouth grill install, painting, and weathering completed by me.


DHPFX X-Wing Pilot Helmet - Wedge Inspired

Basic Wedge paint scheme with added Rebel Alliance decals in the green.

Weathering and decal install completed by me.

Hasbro Black Series Repainted into a "What If Biggs survived the battle of Yavin and this is his helmet at the battle of Hoth"

A bit more wear and tear, grimy and battle scarred.

Paint, decal installation, and weathering completed by me.